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FREE Shipping on orders above $19. Guaranteed 3-5 Business Day Delivery

eXuby Tiny Dog Collar Second Receiver/Collar Kit



1) Please check if you have Version 1 or Version 2 of our TZ-812 Tiny Shock Collars. This is important as Version 1 remotes will not work with version 2 collars and vice versa.

  • Turn the receiver (dog collar unit) on and enter pairing mode (Press and hold the power button until it starts blinking)
  • Version 1 Blinks Green
  • Version 2 Blinks Red and Green



2) Place your order and send us an email at: with your order number and dog collar version. Or give us a call before ordering (213) 747-7767

eXuby Tiny Dog Collar Second Receiver/Collar Kit. Pair this to your eXuby remote's second channel (Ch 2) to unlock its ability to control 2 receivers. Perfect if you have a second dog and make training much easier by only having one remote to individually control each dog. Do not settle with funky alternatives. Ensure proper fit and function by using the right parts straight from the manufacturer.

  • Original eXuby  2nd / Replacement Receiver Kit
  • Reflective Vinyl Collar Strap increases safety during those night walks.
  • Stainless Steel Probes resists corrosion from your dog's natural skin oil.
  • Rubber Probe Covers adds comfort and reduces the effect of shock.
  • Flat Plastic Brackets secures the dog collar receiver adding tightness to the metal probes to keep the receiver from falling off.
  • Socket Spanner for tightening the metal probes ensuring
  • Test Bulb for testing the shock function

What's included:

1x Original eXuby Receiver
1x Reflective Vinyl Collar Strap
4x Short Metal Probes
4x Long Metal Probes
4x Short Rubber Probe Covers
4x Long Rubber Probe Covers
2x Flat Plastic Bracket
2x Socket Spanner
1x Test Bulb