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FREE Shipping on orders above $19. Guaranteed 3-5 Business Day Delivery

eXuby 180 Degree Mouse Trap Designed to Catch More (2-pack) - Open Design Allows for Easy Setup & Cleanup - Save Money by Rinsing & Reusing - Highly Durable - Clean Kill & Doesn't Capitate So No Blood

Twice As Efficient As “Traditional” Mouse Traps – Our open design, reusable mouse trap features a 180 degree catch angle. Compare that to the usual 90 degree catch angle of competitor traps. This means TWICE the opportunity to catch rodents!

Easy, Safe, and Extremely FAST Set-Up – No tools needed! Thanks to the open design, all you have to do is place the trap where you want to catch the mouse, insert the bait, then set (activate) the trap. Easy!

Sanitary and Safe to Hold – Handles allow you to grab the trap safely without getting your hands dirty, protecting your hands and fingers. Discard the dead mouse without having to touch it, then rinse and reuse!

Durable Design for Reuse – When you see a rodent, there’s usually more. Our mouse trap is made with 32 millimeter steel wiring and 10 millimeter hard plastic. This thick wiring and plastic make the trap usable for years to come!

No Blood, Mess, or Odors – A strategically placed tube eliminates decapitation during the catch, so you won’t have to worry about blood or cleanup. Because this mouse trap is sanitary without any chemicals, it will keep your family safe!

Indoor or Outdoor: It Can Be Used Anywhere – Place our 180 degree mouse trap in the corner, upstairs, in the basement, under the porch, in the shed, or wherever you need it as long as the surface is flat!

The eXuby 180 Degree Mouse Trap is the first, sanitary mouse trap of its kind. The open design allows for a 180 degree catch angle, exactly twice the range of the usual 90 degree catch of “traditional” mouse traps.

Finally, you can eliminate rodents such as mice and rats without any harmful chemicals, inefficient traps, or exposing yourself to blood and bodily fluids. Handles mean you don’t have to touch the rodent (or the trapping mechanism) directly. Its durable design means you can reuse it to eliminate any rodent infestations. It’s safe, sanitary, and easy-to-use!


What’s in the box?
2x eXuby Circular Mouse Trap