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FREE Shipping on orders above $19. Guaranteed 3-5 Business Day Delivery

eXuby 2in1 Dog Shock Collar Plus Automatic Bark Collar - Stop Dog's Barking Automatically & Manually with Remote Up to 900 Yards - 3 Humane Training Modes Beep, Vibration, & Shock - 9 Intensity Levels

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Quickly & Effectively Stop Barking - Eliminate barking at home, at your neighbors, at delivery persons, friends, family, people in public and more - the eXuby dog training collar delivers humane stimuli to instantly correct poor dog behavior

2-in-1 Maximum Results - 2in1 functions stop dog barking in all scenarios - Manual remote operation provides full control in situations that require corrective behavior - Use the automatic setting when a dog is without supervision or out of remote range

3 Humane Training Settings - Choose between Beep, Vibration, or Shock - With 9 levels of intensity for vibration and shock you can use the wireless remote to manually deliver the least amount of stimuli to stop your dogs barking

Automatic Sound & Vibration Setting - Humanely end your dogs barking right when they start with the no shock automatic bark collar setting - Automatically responds with a beep and vibration set between an intensity level of 1 and 9

Sleek Water Resistant Receiver - Our compact receiver comfortably sits on the included collar - It’s not only effective, but looks great too - Rain, sprinklers, splashing are not a problem thanks to the highly water resistant design

With the eXuby 2-in-1 Dog Shock Collar Plus Automatic Bark Collar you gain full control over your dog’s barking and poor behavior. Safely deliver vibration or shock using the short or long contact point sets. You have the option to use a remote for training and correction or simply switch the mode to be used as a convenient Automatic Bark Collar. For added comfort, place the included silicone covers over the contact points to minimize the effect of the shock while protecting your dog’s fur and skin from any potential irritation. Conveniently charge the remote and receiver together with the included dual USB cable and compact USB Charger. Everything you need to get started is included

Collar Dimensions:

Width: 2.2”
Depth: 1.1”
Height: 1.2”

What’s in the box?

1x Remote w/ Wrist Strap
1x eXuby 2-in-1 Collar Receiver
1x Reflective Vinyl Strap
2x Strap Plastic Bracket
1x Tester/Spanner
4x Short Metal Probes w/ Silicone Covers
4x Long Metal Probes w/ Silicone Covers
1x USB Power Charger
1x Dual Plug USB Cord
1x User Manual