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FREE Shipping on orders above $19. Guaranteed 3-5 Business Day Delivery

eXuby Flat Mop and Bucket w/ 10 Washable Microfiber Mop Heads - 360° Cleaning Range - Includes Two 5-Liter Containers w/Separate Drain Plugs - Perfect for All Floor Types - Three-Stroke Dryer

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Cleaning will be easier than ever with the eXuby Mop and Bucket w/ 5 Washable Microfiber Mop Heads. Each head is equipped with durable hook and loop fasteners to keep it in place during aggressive mopping. Use the microfiber material to trap dirt, grime, and bacteria with ease. While cleaning, the soft foam handles protect your hands. And with lightweight construction, the mop won't tire out your arms. The innovative dual-container bucket includes a convenient carrying handle so you can move around your home. When finished, use the drain plugs to empty the dirty water without making a mess.
  • SPARKLING CLEAN FLOORS WITH MINIMAL EFFORT - Never hand-wring again with the eXuby Mop and Bucket. Featuring a multi-function lid, it’s particle-removing bristle cleans the head with one swipe, while the dry ringer removes all water.
  • SAVE BIG ON REFILLS - Who has the money to buy pricey refills every week? This set comes with 10 machine-washable and reusable microfiber heads, meaning you won’t even have to think of replacing them for a year.
  • 280° ROTATABLE HEAD FOR TOUGH CORNERS - Use the rotating head to clean the tightest, darkest crevices of your home. Get under the sofa or kitchen counters with ease. Better yet, adjust the height of the mop for better control.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY AND STORAGE - You don’t need a degree in engineering to assemble this mop - just connect the lightweight aluminum pieces and get cleaning. When you’re done, fold it up and store the pieces in the compact bucket.
  • WORKS ON ALL SURFACES - Whether you’ve got hardwood, tile, linoleum, cement, bamboo, stone, laminate, or vinyl, the eXuby Mop and Bucket can handle it all. Use on nearly any surface to get a thorough clean every time.

Mop Handle Minimum Height: 24.5”
Mop Handle Maximum Height: 50.5”
Mop Head: W: 12.5” D: 5” H: 0.75”
Bucket: W: 9” D: 7.5” H: 15”
Bucket Capacity: 10 Liters (2.6 Gal)

What’s in the box?
1x Mop Head
1x Steel Mop Handle Assembly (3 pcs)
5x Micro-Fiber Mop Refills
1x Mop Bucket w/ Multi-Function Lid