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FREE Shipping on orders above $19. Guaranteed 3-5 Business Day Delivery

eXuby Friendliest Bark Collar for Small Dogs - No Prongs, No Shock & No Harm - Only Sound & Vibration - Stay in Control with 7 Levels of Intensity - Rechargeable - Most Humane No Bark Collar

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  • FRIENDLIEST NO BARK COLLAR - Other bark collars use painful shock & pointy prongs - Our bark collar uses only sound and vibration - Stops the barking while keeping your dog happy and safe - No prong & No Shock
  • INNOVATIVE 2018 CHIPSET - Loaded with the latest chipset, our bark collar will alternate between sound and vibration while increasing and decreasing the intensity to make your dog stop barking in the shortest time possible - All the while keeping your dog happy
  • DESIGNED FOR SMALL DOGS - Our bark collar was created specifically for small dogs such as pomeranian, shih tzu, yorkie, maltese, Chihuahua, dog toys and more - The collar can be adjusted to a point where it can hold a human thumb very tightly
  • EXUBY BARK COLLAR VS. OTHERS - eXuby (No prongs & no shock) - Others (Prongs with shock) | eXuby (Rechargeable) - Others (Not rechargeable) | eXuby (Compact design) - Others (Bulky) | eXuby (Latest Chipset) - Others (Outdated technology)
  • PERFORMANCE & LONGEVITY - eXuby Friendliest Bark Collars are developed with quality in mind for dependable performance - And they are made to be durable ensuring longevity


- Minimum Strap Diameter: 2”
- Maximum Strap Diameter: 7”
- Collar Device Dimensions: L: 2.5” W: 1” H: 1.5”
- Product Weight: 1.4 oz

What’s in the box?

1x Bark Collar Unit with Adjustable Nylon Strap
1x USB Charging Cable
1x Manual