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FREE Shipping on orders above $19. Guaranteed 3-5 Business Day Delivery

eXuby Jaws Extra Large Rat Traps - Kills With Powerful Steel Spring - Setup in Seconds - Wash & Reuse Over & Over - Hands Free Disposal - No Harmful Poisons - Quick & Easy Bait Loading

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Biggest Traps Available - eXuby’s extra-large rat traps measure 3” wide and 4.3” tall - 47% larger than the next largest rat trap - Each trap features cavernous jaws sized above the competition to eliminate the biggest rats

Easily Set & Forget - Place 1 or more extra-large rat traps in infested areas for quick and easy extermination - Safely place bait through the top jaw of the rat trap – Simply press to set!

Powerful & Responsive – Never worry about stolen bait, false triggers or runaway rats - Powerful steel springs deliver a highly responsive SNAP, closing 2 massive jaws with 6 sides of rigid teeth

Reusable & Hands-Free Disposal – Remove rats without touching them by simply lifting the trap and pressing to let it go - Give it a quick scrub with soap and water and it's ready to eliminate the next large pest

No Harmful Chemicals or Poisons – Protect your pets and loved ones from chemicals and poisons that produce foul odors and dangerous cross contamination - Our extra-large rat traps humanely kill without risky chemicals or poisons

The eXuby Jaws Extra Large Rat Traps offer a humane and highly effective solution to extra-large rat infestations. The top lever of each trap has ridges for secure setting. Unlike other bulky traps, the top lever has been intuitively designed to completely fold flat for convenient storage. The trigger paddle features a massive surface area with an incredibly sensitive response. Eliminate the largest rats of all types including and not limited to Black rats, Wood rats, Pack rats, the Norway rat and more. Stop property damage, eliminate rat droppings, cease the spread of disease and more with the aid of our extra-large rat traps. These are the largest traps available for large rat problems.

Individual Rat Trap Dimensions

L: 6” W: 4.3” H: 3.75” (open)