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FREE Shipping on orders above $19. Guaranteed 3-5 Business Day Delivery

eXuby Shock Collar for Large Dogs (40 to 120lbs) - Extra Wide 2.9 Inch Receiver Comfortably Fits on Large Dog’s Neck - Waterproof - Sound, Vibration & Shock - 16 Intensity Levels - Long Battery Life

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The Best Shock Collar for Large Dogs – Improve behavior immediately! Specially designed for dogs between 40-120 pounds, featuring a long adjustable 24” collar. Confidently get your dog’s attention with the 2.9” receiver and up to 16 levels of intensity.

Instantly Stop Barking and Aggression – Does your dog misbehave unexpectedly? Keep your dog (and others) safe with just a click of a button. Stop unwanted barking, jumping, running, chasing, and aggression immediately up to 1,000 feet away!

Choose Between Sound, Vibration, Shock – Thanks to 3 unique modes, enjoy 3 collars in 1! Press the dedicated mode button to begin with sound; if that doesn’t work, use vibration and increase intensity. If needed, switch to shock and repeat.

Ultra-strong Waterproof Construction – Use anytime, anywhere; rain or shine! With an IP67 waterproof rating, our shock collar is as protected as most smartphones. Impressive battery life for the remote lasts 20 days on standby and 10 days for the receiver.

Remarkably Easy to Use – You can stop excessive barking and correct aggressive behavior in just 3 easy steps! Simply turn on the receiver, place the collar (receiver) on your dog, then turn on the remote and correct your dog.

Modern and Classy Design – Training collars don’t have to look ugly! Our shock collar is functional, yet looks sleek and high-tech. The receiver features a checkered collar for a timeless classic look while the remote fits seamlessly in your pocket.

Correct Unwanted Barking AND Aggressive Behavior Immediately – Our shock collar for large dogs is extremely easy to use, effective, and is PERFECT for modern, stylish dog owners. The best part? It actually works!

Our training collar is completely customizable from set-up to actual use. The adjustable 24” collar means that it can fit any dog between 40 and 120 pounds. Compare this to other collars that claim to be for large dogs, yet are still too small. Our adjustable strap ensures that it fits!

The 2.9” receiver features raised probes and a slight curve, designed to fit the neck perfectly and comfortably. Even the largest, strongest dog will respond to your command.

There are 33 levels of correction. Multiple settings and levels ensure that the training is SAFE yet effective. Sound is the lowest setting, which is enough to alter unwanted behavior in some dogs. Vibration mode is the next highest setting, featuring 16 levels of intensity (1 is low; 16 is high). Shock mode also features 16 levels for stubborn dogs. Begin with the lowest setting (sound) and continue increasing intensity until finding the best mode and level.

A wrist strap keeps the remote control easily accessible; perfect for walks! The remote is sleek enough to fit into your pocket, yet stylish enough to leave on the counter. A lock slider prevents any accidental triggers while a bright LED display keeps the remote easily visible in the dark. Finally, an individual mode button is all it takes for quick correction!

Product Dimensions

Width: 2.7”
Depth: 1.7”

What’s in the box?

1x Dog Collar
1x Remote w/ Wrist Strap
1x Charging Cord
2x Steel Probes
2x Silicone Probe Covers
1x User Manual