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FREE Shipping on orders above $19. Guaranteed 3-5 Business Day Delivery

Freedom Carabiner Dog Leash to Wrap Around Poles, Trees or Benches - Carabiner Holds Bags, Purses to Free Up Your Hands, Walking Leash for Small, Medium and Large Pets

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- Freedom While Walking Your Dog - Free up your hands while walking your dog by hanging bags and keys on the carabiner. Securely hook the leash around a tree, pole or bench with the carabiner, keeping your dog safely in place.
-Smart Carabiner Handle - Carabiner design with spring loaded snap is simple to open and strongly holds dogs up to 100 pounds. The 5-inch handle is easy for small to large hands to grab, with cushioning for a comfortable grip.
- Traditional Style Leash - This 1-inch thick nylon dog leash extends 6 feet in length, giving your puppy or dog plenty of space to roam. Strong and durable leash features easy-to-use collar hook to quickly attach and go.
- Convenient All-Purpose Carabiner - The carabiner handle detaches from the leash, freeing it up for any situation. Use it to securely attach your keys, water bottle, rope, a hammock, a stroller, a tent and other indoor/outdoor purposes.


Have Your Dog and Your Freedom

Nylon Carabiner Leash for Small, Medium and Large Dogs

The Freedom Carabiner Dog Leash frees up your hands and your life. Instead of a traditional hoop handle, you get a carabiner handle that allows you to quickly open the spring-loaded snap and secure it to the nylon leash and other items. You can safely keep your dog attached to a pole or bench so you can momentarily walk away or do other things with peace in mind. You can attach bags, keys and other items to the carabiner handle while walking your dog. You’d have the flexibility to hold everything in one hand, freeing up the other. The Freedom Carabiner Dog Leash keeps walking your dog from limiting you on doing other things, so you’ll have a better experience and more fun on your dog walks.


Leash: L: 6’ x W: 1”
Carabiner: W: 5”