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FREE Shipping on orders above $19. Guaranteed 3-5 Business Day Delivery

HDMI to RCA Cable Converts Digital HDMI Signal to Analog RCA/AV – Works w/TV/HDTV/Xbox 360/PC/DVD & More – All-in-One Converter Cable Saves You Money - HDMI to AV Converter

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  • BUILT-IN CONVERTER – Play new HDMI devices on older TVs/Displays - Unlike other HDMI to RCA cables this one features a built in converter - Saves you money by eliminating the need for extra components – RCA, AV and composite are the same
  • HIGH QUALITY – Thick cable & converter are built to last – Gold plated connectors provide superior performance & corrosion resistance - Connectors fit snug in devices eliminating accidental disconnection – 6.5ft cable gets you wired in any setting
  • WORKS WITH ALL DEVICES - Connect HDMI plug into any device with HDMI output such as PlayStation 4/XBOX/PS4/PS3/PC /TV Box/Projector & more – Then connect the RCA end into any display with RCA inputs such as Monitor/TV/HDTV/TV Box/Projector and more - *Some devices will require the chipset to be powered by the attached USB cable
  • PERFORMANCE & LONGEVITY - eXuby HDMI to RCA Cables are developed with quality in mind for dependable performance - And they are made to be durable ensuring longevity

**This product requires power via it's USB cord. You can use your device's USB port or any USB power adapter to supply power.**


Built-in HDMI to RCA Converter Chipset for Convenience

High-Quality Cable and Converter for High Performance and Long Life

Compatible with All Your HDMI/RCA Devices

Product Specifications:

Cable Gender: HDMI Male, RCA/AV/Composite Male
Output: HDMI
Input: RCA/AV/Composite
Cable Color: Black
RCA Colors: Red/White for Stereo Sound, Yellow for video
Weight: 5 ounces
Product Length: 6.5 feet

What's in the box?

1x: HDMI to RCA Cable