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FREE Shipping on orders above $19. Guaranteed 3-5 Business Day Delivery

White Noise Machine Baby - Put Your Baby to Sleep w/ 20 Soothing Sounds; Fan, Rain, Ocean, Office & More - Stylish & Modern Design Bluetooth Speaker - Crisp Stereo Sound Matte White

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  • BEAUTIFUL MODERN DESIGN - Our white noise machine features delicate curves and a sleek matte white finish. It looks great in all types of living spaces, nurseries and offices. It’s decorative and will complement your existing setting. It will help make your room look great, put your baby to sleep and help you relax.
  • 20 SOOTHING SOUNDS – Your baby will fall into a deep sleep with your choice of 20 ambient white noise sound settings ranging from a variety of white noises like nature, fan, office, ocean noises and more. Also, play your music via Bluetooth compatible device like your smartphone, tablet or computer to listen to music, podcasts or other audio tracks.
  • CRISP STEREO SOUND - Enjoy high or low volumes through our dual stereo speakers. Adjust the volume exactly as you want it. You can place the device across the room and your baby will still be able to hear it thanks to the dual stereo speakers.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE - Each compact speaker is only 7.5” long, 4" wide and 5" high so it fits in a diaper bag, purse or tote. The long 10-hour battery life makes it perfect for travel and it has a convenient handle that you can use to carry the speaker or tie onto your bag or luggage.
  • PERFORMANCE & LONGEVITY - eXuby Portable White Noise Machines are developed with quality in mind for dependable performance - And they are made to be durable ensuring longevity


Total Versatility

Are you looking for a white noise machine that is beautiful and features 20 fully ambient noise options? Would you also love a high-quality Bluetooth speaker to play music, podcasts and more? The eXuby wireless white noise machine has full Bluetooth speaker functionality, a headphone audio jack, charging cable (no batteries needed!) and optional timer function.

Better Sleep for You & Your Family

Many children, especially newborns, infants and toddlers fall asleep easier and faster when they have calming and soothing white ambient noise to listen to. Help your little one fall asleep faster so that you can relax.The speaker stays charged for up to 10 hours and can be plugged in to remain on indefinitely.

Audio Headphone Option

Unlike many other white noise devices, ours features an auxiliary headphone jack so that you and your family can use the device on public transportation, planes, offices and other public areas.Each speaker has an optional 15 minute, 30 minute and 60 minute timer function.

Take it Anywhere

Our compact size and carry handle means you can easily fit the speaker in a diaper bag, purse or luggage while traveling or doing errands. Help you and your baby stay calm and relaxed anywhere you are.

Product Dimensions:

Length: 7.5”
Depth: 4”
Height: 5”

What’s in the box?

1x eXuby White Noise Machine
1x USB Power Cord
1x USB Power Adapter
1x User Manual